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There is no better gift than spending time with someone, no matter how cheesy it may sound. But how do you giftwrap time?

This year we've learned how precious it is to be able to spend quality time together with our loved ones. A lot of companies who suffer from corona restrictions offer products that can make this time extra special, and there are definitely a lot of ideas to present this gift of time as a beautiful present. 

Drinks in good company are very rare in times of corona - you can't just invite a friend out to a bar. But what about putting together all of the best ingredients in a nice package and sharing that with a friend? Just pack them a nice box, and you have a for cosy evening at home with everything you need to create your favourite beverages. Maybe add glass straws, some snacks or a party game if you want to. It beats a classic store voucher and this way you get to spend some quality time together with a friend!⁠

Asking for help is difficult for many of us, and there may be some things we don't have the courage to ask for. It takes some effort to find out what people could need or wish for, or where they could simply use some support. If you have an idea of what this might be, take a little bit of time to make a special gift and offer your help.

For example, this can be to repair something. Offer help once, a few times or on a regular basis with shopping, at the garden, with the kids or in the household. Take time to explain something to someone, help with paperwork or maintain their computer or wherever they need it. The idea is to make this offered help specific and make the gift special by showing someone that they are seen.

Many companies that during the pandemic can't operate as they usually would took action to offer products, workshops or courses online. You can book tastings, painting sessions, cooking workshops and many types of entertainment online. You often get sent  materials or tools in the post beforehand (be it wine to taste or art supplies for a drawing class) and can enjoy the experience via Skype, Zoom or Youtube. Some of these experiences are streamed live, others can be redeemed whenever it fits your schedule and life. A lot is actually possible from home! There are also services like Skillshare or Domestica, where you can book online courses to learn anything from drawing to coding - and these can be gifted too.


One very simple but underestimated way of making someone feel special are written words. There are so many things we hardly ever express. Christmas is such a nice opportunity to explicitly tell someone what they need to know - whether it is how thankful or proud you are of someone, or just saying how much you love them. You may also want to share and reminisce about good memories and times together. Take some time to write an old school handwritten letter to show someone what they mean to you. I promise you - the person will read it over and over to enjoy it again and again!

Everyone needs some time out sometimes. The challenge is to make something possible that the person wouldn't treat themselves with, whether this is for financial or scheduling reasons or simply coming from a lack of inspiration. This can be anything: a massage, a train ticket, wellness voucher, yoga retreat or a restaurant visit. Just make sure to make it as specific as possible. Set a date, get the tickets or vouchers beforehand and make sure everything else is organised - maybe the person needs a ride or a babysitter to spend some time away from daily life. Of course, planning ahead this year has proven difficult so make sure you're able to reschedule your gift if the pandemic situation takes a turn for the worse. 

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Have you thought about Christmas presents already? We hope these ideas inspire you to gift some time instead of just buying something! You can find even more creative ideas for a sustainable Christmas and lifestyle in the Livera Magazine blog

And if you're still thinking about a Christmas tree, why not get a WunderTree?

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Jan 26, 2021 • Posted by Jane

Your renewal of the true Christmas spirit and renewal of the earth through this special reforestation plan is truly inspiring and encouraging!
I hope to see it replicated here in Australia and throughout the world. Thank you, Wunder Tree!

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