Mercedes-Benz Berlin supports WunderTree

Mercedes-Benz Berlin supports WunderTree | WunderTree

We are very excited to announce that WunderTree is partnering with Mercedes-Benz Berlin to make this Christmas more sustainable.

Mercedes-Benz Berlin will be our exclusive vehicle partner, giving us eight of their all-electric eSprinter vans to use for our delivery and collection service in Berlin and Potsdam. This sponsorship from Mercedes-Benz Berlin allows us to deliver all our WunderTrees with zero emissions. The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter will be powered by 100% green and renewable energy. 

Mercedes-Benz Berlin handed over the keys to our team yesterday, November 24th, and we will now begin the deliveries of our beautiful living Christmas trees to families and businesses across the German capital city and surrounding areas. In January we will use the same Mercedes-Benz eSprinter to collect the living Christmas trees. We will then plant the WunderTrees in one of three managed forests near Berlin before we return the eSprinter to Mercedes-Benz Berlin.

“What excites me about this partnership is that a small startup like us can find an ally with the oldest carmaker in the country for fighting climate change and inspiring people towards a circular economy,” said WunderTree’s co-founder Andrew Green. He continued, “I’m grateful that Mercedes-Benz can see the future, a future with not just more deliveries but also more collection services too. The emissions-free delivery and collection that the eSprinterprovides will enable other startups to pursue circular economy business models, and that means fewer wasted resources and less CO2 emissions.”

He finished by saying "The only thing coming out the back of our vans will be Christmas Trees."

Customers in the Berlin and Potsdam area can order their own WunderTree through the WunderTree online store. 

Photo: Robert Lehmann


About WunderTree:

“Living Christmas Trees: delivered, collected, and planted in a forest, forever."

WunderTree makes it easier for families and businesses in Berlin and Potsdam to have a more sustainable Christmas. By ordering a living Christmas Tree online through www.WunderTree.co, customers can get their tree delivered to their doorstep anywhere in Berlin or Potsdam for free, at a time that suits them. Because the trees are alive in the pot, customers can enjoy having a Christmas tree at home for up to 5 weeks. WunderTrees are the highest grade Nordmann Fir trees from Denmark, Europe’s biggest Christmas tree exporter. Nordmann Fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Germany because of its soft needles, fresh fragrance, bushy appearance, and the fact that their needles don’t drop.

After Christmas, our drivers collect customers’ WunderTrees and take them to a managed forest 35Km south of Berlin where they will be planted and remain forever. As part of the forest restructuring project that aims to rejuvenate a former monoculture forest, for each WunderTree planted, another native tree is planted in the same forest.

WunderTrees are available in three sizes: 120-140cm, 141-160cm, 161-180cm, and range in price from 117€ to 159€ VAT included. All trees come with a free easy-care pot and include delivery, collection, and planting.

WunderTree was founded in 2019 by Andrew Green. In 2020 WunderTree is supported by the Berliner Startup Stipend through the Future City Incubator run by Berlin Innovation Agency.


About the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter:

The eSprinter panel vans with a permissible gross weight of 3,500 kilograms in a high-roof design have a usable battery capacity of 47 kWh with a range of 168 km [1], [2] and a maximum payload of 891 kilograms. Flexibility is provided by the integrated quick-charging function, thanks to which the battery can be recharged from 10 percent to 80 percent within approx. 25 minutes. The charging volume of 11 m³ can be used without restriction, as the batteries are installed in the underbody. The electric engine drives the front wheels and delivers 85 kW with a torque of up to 295 Nm.

1] The scope was determined on the basis of Regulation 692/2008/EC. The range depends on the vehicle configuration.

2] The actual range also depends on the individual driving style, road and traffic conditions, outside temperature, use of air conditioning/heating, etc. and may vary.

More information about the eSprinter can be found here.




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