Why the price change from 2019 to 2020?

This is copied from an email sent from our co-founder, Andrew, to a "super fan" customer from 2019. She wrote to us, concerned, that our pricing in 2020 was high compared to last year. This made us equally concerned that we might be alienating our "super fans" so we decided to share some more information about our way of thinking and doing sustainable business.

Hello Fay,
Thank you for your support last year and for getting in early. You helped us prove that people in Berlin want a more sustainable and more convenient Christmas tree option.

And also thank you for sharing your concern about pricing with us. We want sustainability to be accessible to people from different situations, not just a luxury product. 

This year WunderTrees have a higher price not because of last year's success, but because we want to make sure Berliners continue to have an option for a sustainable and convenient Christmas tree. If we were to continue at last year's pricing we would not be operating for a second year. 

We want to make sure our company is not just about sustainability, but is also sustainable in its own existence. And that means you will have the option of having a WunderTree for the foreseeable future.
Our new prices now represent the true costs to deliver, collect, acquire land, replant, and care for the trees. We are working on ways to reduce these costs but we strongly stick to our commitment to always choose the most sustainable option, and to always pay people fairly. 

***Look out for the Newsletter***

We are planning on emailing all existing customers and newsletter subscribers next week to inform them that our new website is live. (This has now been sent)

In that email we will also include a discount code. This will make WunderTrees for our original supporters like you, much more accessible. For other Berliners who are new to WunderTree but have some financial challenges we will be offering a few options for them too. And finally, for the folks who care more about the forest rather than the convenience of tree delivery and pickup we have some exciting options there too.

(See our WunderWoods Kunstkarte. By purchasing these beautiful limited edition Artworks by acclaimed local artists you enable us to restructure 5m2 of forest and build a healthier ecosystem).

All will be revealed in the newsletter.

So keep an eye on your inbox next week, and if you haven't received a discount be sure to email me directly. 

Thanks again for sharing how you feel. Your opinion helps shape what we do. 
I hope to deliver you a WunderTree again this year. 

For anyone affected by heavily by Covid-19 or other financial difficulties in a way so heavy that they cannot enjoy a sustainable Christmas with a WunderTree please email Andrew@wundertree.co and we will do what we can to support you.


Nov 16, 2020 • Posted by Motoko W.

I am ecstatic to tell my children that after spending a month with us, our tree will be “freed” to enjoy its long life in the forest. So much better than it being “consumed” before its life is cut short (literally)!

An excellent initiative and worth every penny. I am very much looking forward to “meeting” our tree this year!

Nov 13, 2020 • Posted by Jannika from WunderTree

Thanks for your comment Kimie! That’s exactly why we started WunderTree – to challenge the throwaway culture and unnecessary waste while doing good for the planet by tree planting 🌍

Nov 13, 2020 • Posted by Kimie Hirlinger

As January comes every year and see abandoned Christmas trees on the street, I felt sadness and guilt.
I am also the one who threw the tree away after Christmas.
But from this year on I’d be free from the guilt and plus positive feeling that I am doing the right thing for our planet! Way to go Wundertree🌲

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