The forests need diversity!

The forests need diversity! | WunderTree

Tree planting has got a lot of attention in recent years, and for a good reason. It’s one of the most efficient ways to fight climate change as trees absorb carbon dioxide, but there’s more to forests than just CO2. 

Our co-founder and forester, Milan Hänsel, explains how we plant trees at WunderTree. His knowledge and experience with ecosystems and forestry is what will give our WunderTrees the best chance of long term survival, but also ensure that our project adds to, rather than damages, the local environment.


For various historical reasons, many of our forests in Germany are monocultures. Monoculture is a forest made up of hundreds and hundreds of almost identical trees growing in neat rows, like little tree clones quietly humming and transforming CO2 into oxygen. Because there’s little to no variation like you would have in a natural forest, these homogeneous tree stocks are particularly vulnerable to extreme events caused by climate change, such as storm damage, heat waves and certain insects. Monocultures are sometimes referred to as green deserts’ because they lack a lot of the life and biodiversity traditionally associated with forests. You will hear less birdsongs or see less squirrels running up and down the tree trunks in these manufactured forests.


We want to change this!
Our vision is to make Christmas more sustainable through planting your WunderTree in a forest, where it lives on for years to come. Alongside we also plant native saplings that diversify the landscape and help convert regional forests sustainably from monocultures to climate-stable, mixed forests. By introducing and planting different trees with different characteristics, we create habitats that provide space for a larger variety of species, both trees and animals. Thus, our focus is on the reforestation and conversion of degraded forests. This way the forests become richer in structure and more resistant to further climate changes. This is also great news for those of us who enjoy a walk in the woods to recharge and reconnect. Being surrounded by not only trees but also other living things like grass, birds, squirrels and deer is a special feeling.

mixed forest

You can help us plant more trees and diversify forests with our Little Forest Sponsorship! These beautiful, limited edition artworks are brought to you by amazing local artists, and for every artwork sold we plant 3 native trees in our forest on your behalf. They make for a fantastic Christmas gift while doing good for the planet.


Artworks Wundertree - tiny Forest



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