Make Your Team Happy & Your Office More Sustainable this Holiday Season

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Is COVID-19 seriously disrupting the good vibes in your office ? Are you short on time but want to make sure your team gets into the Christmas spirit - sustainably? Feel like the traditional, single-use Christmas Trees don’t represent your company’s values? MEET WUNDERTREE...
What we do
We help companies in Berlin and Potsdam take another step towards sustainability by delivering their office a beautiful Christmas tree that's alive in the pot. After Christmas we recollect the tree and plant it, along with other native tree species in our forest, 35km south of Berlin, where it will stay forever.
Why choose a WunderTree
🎄 Get a beautiful, living Christmas Tree that has a story and reflects your company values.
🎄 Give your team members a 10% discount on their own WunderTree when you order a WunderTree for your office.
🎄  Enjoy the holiday season more with our convenient services, tailored to your needs.
🎄 Contribute towards reducing the number of dead Christmas Trees on Berlin's streets each January.
🎄 Show your sustainable choice to guests and visitors with our free information plaque. 

 These smart Berlin Startups choose WunderTree:

Christmas Trees...More inclusive than you might think.

The history of Christmas trees goes back to the symbolic use of evergreens in ancient Egypt and Rome to celebrate the Winter Solstice and continues with the German tradition of candlelit Christmas trees first brought to the UK and America in the 1800s. 

Select a Package that suits you

🛎️  If you have questions or need to process payment through invoice please email andrew@wundertree.co

DIY Tree
Team-Tree Busy-Tee Tree
Your WunderTree your way
Ornaments & Lights supplied
Your WunderTree Decorated for You
TreeSize - "Knut" (Height incl. 25cm pot)

160-180 cm

160-180 cm

160-180 cm



Yes Yes
Pick-Up+Cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Replanting Yes Yes Yes
Choose Preferred Time & Date Yes Yes Yes
plus 1 Native Tree Species get replanted Yes Yes Yes
Staff Discount Code Yes Yes Yes
Cachepot rental Yes Yes Yes
Sustainability Signage Yes Yes Yes
Easy-Care Water Meter (rent) No Yes Yes
Eco Decoration (rent)


Yes Yes
LED Lightchain (rent) No Yes Yes
Stand (rent) No No Yes
Tree decorated  & setup No No Yes
final Price
(excl. Vat)
189,- € 294,- € 435,- €