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How does getting a WunderTree work?

  1. Order your WunderTree online.
  2. Choose your delivery and pickup time (emailed to you after purchase).              WunderTrees will be delivered in Berlin & Potsdam Monday-Saturday 08.00-20.00 from Monday, November 30 until Saturday, December 18.              *Delivery spots are limited so the sooner you order the more likely that you can get your desired delivery date.
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait for Christmas to arrive.                                                **Need to update your delivery date? Sure, book a new time exactly like the first booking you made.
  4. You will be notified that your WunderTree is on the way and your WunderTree will be delivered at the chosen time on your chosen day.
  5. Enjoy your WunderTree and have a magical Christmas! Your WunderTree will come with simple instructions that will help keep your WunderTree looking beautiful and help it prepare for being planted in January.
  6. Choose your pickup time and date (emailed to you in late December).
  7. We pick up your WunderTree between January 2 - 9.
  8. Your WunderTree will then be taken to our forest and planted where it will stay forever. We also plant a native tree next to your WunderTree to help diversify the forest and strengthen the ecosystem. *WunderTrees will be acclimatised at our storage location before being planted, and will only be planted when the weather is right.

Biggest isn't always best, choose a WunderTree that fits your home perfectly.