Rudolph | 140-160cm

Living Premium Quality Nordmann Fir, Germany's most popular 🎄
  • 141-160cm
  • Alive in a pot, ready for replanting
  • Fresh and distinctive fragrance 
  • Soft needles that won’t harm children or animals 
  • No mess because the needles won’t drop
  • Long-life up to 5 weeks inside your home (please water daily)
  • Price includes delivery in Berlin & Potsdam 

Each WunderTree is an individual, and some natural variation exists. Just like with people. 

Email us at hello@wundertree.co in case you've got any questions! 

Hey Digga! My name is Rudolph. Sup?
At 140cm tall including my pot I'm the middle child. It's taken me about 7 years since I was a seed in this same pot to grow this tall. I weigh about 12kg.

I'm a perfect house guest, especially if you have a bit of space.

I'm from the Nordman Fir family. We are the most popular Christmas Trees in Europe because we smell nicer than Johnny Depp's new fragrance, we are strong enough to hold many of your beautiful ornaments, and our needles are not spikey and rarely drop onto the floor.

I've spent my whole life in a pot so that means when I arrive at your house and meet you and your family that I'm still alive. Because I'm still alive I'll stay green and smell nicer for longer.

Within 7 days of leaving my home on the farm I will be living with you and your family. The guys at Wundertree with their Baummobile will drop me over to your house at a time that suits you in early December. They will even carry me all the way up the stairs and into your place.

How to Care for Me?

I'll be wearing a net when I arrive. You can take that off and give my branches a shake. I need a day to stretch out and do yoga so I look my best before you and your family start decorating me (I'm so excited for this!)

Most of the time I'm very relaxed and quiet so I will just hang out in the corner and look pretty. All I ask of you is please do not put me right next to a heater, and to please give me a glass of water every day. I have a water tray beneath my pot, try to make sure it doesn't go dry.

What Happens After Christmas?

The guys at Wundertree will email you a few reminders in early January to leave me outside your door. The guys from WunderTree will come pick me up and take me out to a forest near Berlin to be with all of my brothers and sisters, and many other different types of trees too.

I will then leave my pot for the first time and get planted in the soil. I'm really pumped for this.

Then I'll spend the rest of my days, probably 20-50 years, breathing in CO2 from the atmosphere (about 1000kg of CO2 over my life), making the soil healthier, and giving a home to different types of birds, animals and insects.

Please notice that like most folks online I might look a little different in real life. But unlike people on Tinder I would never lie about my height, age, weight, or stability.

Later Alter!

Price includes the delivery to your door in Berlin & Potsdam, no matter what floor you live on. Our delivery team is not able to enter your apartment because of insurance reasons or set up your tree for you. If you are unable to set up your tree yourself for any reason though and would like help, please email hello@wundertree.co to request additional service. 
Decoration of the tree is not included.