How Does Berlin's Best Christmas Tree Service work?

  1. Order your WunderTree online.
  2. Choose your delivery and pickup time (emailed to you after purchase).  WunderTrees will be delivered in Berlin & Potsdam Monday-Saturday 08.00-20.00 from Monday, November 30 until Saturday, December 18.    *Delivery spots are limited so the sooner you order the more likely that you can get your desired delivery date.
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait for Christmas to arrive.                                         **Need to update your delivery date? Sure, book a new time exactly like the first booking you made.
  4. You will be notified that your WunderTree is on the way and your WunderTree will be delivered at the chosen time on your chosen day.
  5. Enjoy your WunderTree and have a magical Christmas! Your WunderTree will come with simple instructions that will help keep your WunderTree looking beautiful and help it prepare for being planted in January.
  6. Choose your pickup time and date (emailed to you in late December).
  7. We pick up your WunderTree between January 2 - 9.
  8. Your WunderTree will then be taken to our forest and planted where it will stay forever. We also plant a native tree next to your WunderTree to help diversify the forest and strengthen the ecosystem. *WunderTrees will be acclimatised at our storage location before being planted, and will only be planted when the weather is right. 

All WunderTrees are delivered and collected without any emissions thanks to Mercedes-Benz Niederlassung Berlin and their all-electric eSprinter.

 Best Christmas Tree

What does WunderTree do? 

We allow you to have a stress-free Christmas with the most convenient, beautiful, long-living, easy-care, and sustainable Christmas tree. No waste, no guilt, and no extra effort or cost for you. After Christmas, our trees aren’t recycled or reused but become a part of a tree planting programme and contribute to addressing climate change. 

Do the trees survive inside? 

YES! Last year 97% of WunderTrees survived being indoors for over 4 weeks with their host families.

A big part of the reason WunderTrees have such a high survival rate is because they are grown from a seed in the pot. That means all of their roots are intact so just like a houseplant they are easy to look after.

Do the trees survive in the forest?

YES! At our most recent count (image above) after the dry summer over 50% of WunderTrees had survived. This is close to the 65% average for tree planting programs. (Reference)

And let's remember that cut trees have a 0% survival rate.

Where is the forest? And can I visit?

The second entrance to our WunderWoods

Our main private forest is on the edge of Saalow, Brandenburg. This year we will be planting WunderTrees in an extra two locations, one west of Berlin and one north of Berlin. 

We are trying different sites to see which soil and water conditions increase the survival rate of WunderTrees.

You may be able to stumble across one of our planting locations but we do not give the exact location because we want the highest survival rate possible for all the trees we plant. 

Doesn't this create a monoculture?

No. Milan Hänsel is our co-founder. Milan studied International Forestry Ecosystem Management at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. He's also the operator of the forest where we plant WunderTrees.

Under his guidance we are restructuring a former pine plantation that was seeded in the 1940s. This means that as the mature timber from the existing monoculture is selectively harvested we plant a mixture of native tree species, as well as WunderTrees.

The goal is that we shift a forest from being a monoculture and into a vibrant, diverse and strong ecosystem with many different tree, plant, insect, and animal species. 

One way that we avoid creating a monoculture of WunderTrees is that for every WunderTree sold we also plant a native tree in the same forest.

You can help us restructure the forest by ordering a WunderWoods Kunst Karte. By ordering one of these hand signed and numbered artworks by one of our favorite Berlin artists you enable us to plant a further 3 native tree species in our forest.


How sustainable is a WunderTree compared to a cut tree?

The short answer is that already at the time of purchase a WunderTree is 100% better in terms of CO2 emissions when compared to a regular, cut down tree. In fact, the WunderTrees planted this year alone have the potential impact of eliminating carbon emissions of 111,000 cut down Christmas trees! Read more about it on our blog.

Do you want to know more or have a different opinion?

Great! Please share your knowledge and ideas with us. We are constantly striving to reduce our emissions, increase the tree survival rate, and create an ever larger and diverse ecosystem. Head over to our CONTACT page.