Protect trees this Christmas

Support our forest improvement project in cooperation with Natur-stiften.de

The WunderTree Story

Together, let's create a new Christmas tradition where instead of cutting down trees each Christmas, we plant them. Last year 97% of WunderTrees survived Christmas!

More Beautiful

Your living WunderTree smells great, looks beautiful for weeks, is easy to look after, and it won't drop needles, which means it's safe for children & animals. 


More Convenient

We personally deliver your WunderTree, when you want, to your doorstep, no matter how many stairs. And we get it back out again in January.


More Sustainable

Delivered with zero emissions, WunderTrees produce 100% less CO2 emissions than normal Christmas Trees that get burnt.


Wundering what our customers think?

It was an absolute pleasure. Our tree was fantastic and everything from order to pick up was easy and convenient!

– Ines

It was fun and felt less wasteful than seeing dead trees on the street. The kids like that the tree goes to the forest.

– Solana

Es gefällt mir, dass dieser schöne Baum wieder gepflanzt wird.

– Dagmar

I really liked the eco-friendliness and the comfortable delivery service.

– Johann

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